Traveling Professional: Networking On The Road

In today’s remote work era, networking has evolved beyond traditional office settings. As a traveling professional, you have a unique opportunity to build meaningful connections while staying at a hotel with exceptional meeting area amenities. At Hillside Crossing, we understand the importance of fostering these connections and offer valuable strategies to maximize your networking opportunities during your stay, including navigating nearby events and conventions.

Leverage Meeting Area Amenities

Take advantage of our well-equipped meeting spaces and business center to host gatherings, presentations, or virtual conferences. These amenities provide a professional environment to connect with colleagues, clients, or potential partners.

Attend Hotel Networking Events

Stay informed about networking events organized by our hotel. From mixers to seminars, these events offer a relaxed setting to engage with fellow professionals and exchange insights.

Engage in Co-Working Spaces:

Utilize our co-working spaces to interact with other traveling professionals. Collaborate, share experiences, and discover potential collaborations within this dynamic work environment.


Network at Nearby Conventions and Events:

Stay updated on local conventions and events in the area. Our strategic location ensures easy access to these gatherings, allowing you to connect with industry peers and expand your network.

Embrace Social Media Platforms

Connect virtually through social media platforms and join relevant professional groups. Engaging in online discussions and sharing insights can lead to valuable connections beyond your stay.



In the remote work era, networking as a traveling professional has become more dynamic and essential than ever. At Hillside Crossing, we provide the ideal environment to build connections through our meeting area amenities, networking events, and co-working spaces.

Embrace the opportunities presented by nearby conventions and events to expand your network further.

In this ever-evolving landscape, networking has transcended physical boundaries, extending to the virtual realm through social media platforms. 

At Hillside Crossing, we’re committed to supporting your networking efforts during your stay, ensuring you make the most of your time as a traveling professional.

Maximize your networking potential and create lasting connections while staying at Hillside Crossing. Book your stay today and let us be your partner in building meaningful relationships in the remote work era.

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